TIR Music is a music consultancy working in the area of artist development, contemporary music education and executive development.

TIR Music is passionate about maximising potential in individuals, teams and organisations.

TIR Music has a strong international network of clients including Sony Music, BMG , Talentcoach in Sweden, the British & Irish Modern Music Institute, the Academy of Contemporary Music and DPA Consulting.

TIR Music staff are on the Advisory Board for SXSWedu and have spoken at conferences including Bigsound in Australia, RookieFest in Sweden and SXSW in the USA and work closely with The Great Escape on their artist development programme.

TIR Music is fuelled by a belief in domain transferrable knowledge and skills and have a blog based on this principle entitled 'The Talentborrowers’.


TIR Music has undertaken research in the field of high performance sports in order to draw analogies between performance development across all areas of the music industry and the way in which sport develops both its performers and those tasked with the development of those performers.

We believe that within any industry we should be looking at the simultaneous performance development of both the performer and their support teams to the highest level, whether that be in music companies, sports teams or any wider organisation.

We believe there are many lessons that seemingly unrelated industries can learn from, and exchange with, each other in pursuit of optimum performance development - talentborrowing.

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